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300X250 Banner MAThe BlueTrack is a new technology of Microsoft, which has been used in the Microsoft’s Explorer wireless mice. Microsoft is known for its ubiquitous Windows OS, Office Suite, and several other applications without which more than 60% of computer users cannot even think of using a computer or a laptop. Whereas Microsoft has been successful in the software area, in the niche of hardware much success has not been reported. This is especially when we talk about computer peripherals like mouse, keyboards and more.

With BlueTrack technology, Microsoft has taken a strong step toward building a robust presence in computer peripherals. Before this technology, we were either having optical or laser mouse, but now we also have BlueTrack mouse.

What is the difference between BlueTrack technology and the optical/laser technology? – We will discuss herein below.

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The BlueTrack technology is a new innovation of Microsoft that has changed the future of using a wireless mouse. So far, this technology has been used in Microsoft’s explorer mice; however, in coming future, if Microsoft will decide then it may be available for use by other top brands like Logitech, Razer and other big brands.

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It is the result of BlueTrack technology due to which Microsoft’s Explorer mice works perfectly as a wireless mouse even without a USB receiver. Another benefit of BlueTrack technology is the mouse can be used on any surface. Be it a glass surface, wooden surface, hard mouse pad, or granite top, a mouse with BlueTrack technology works seamlessly on all surfaces. Comparing to optical and laser mice, which are not effective on several surfaces, a Microsoft’s Explorer mouse is a perfect option for those who are lacking smoothness in their mice.

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The all new BlueTrack technology uses an improved optical architecture that generates a wider beam of light on the lower side of the mouse. This light enables the Microsoft’s Explorer mouse to cover more surface and give it the capability to support almost any surface, which even a laser mouse cannot support. The blue color of the light beam is tremendously soothing as well.

With a large area covered by the wider beam of light, the tracking capability of Microsoft’s Explorer mouse is much better than other mice available in the market. Microsoft has claimed the tracing capability of 98 feet (30 meters) in Microsoft’s Explorer mice just because of the BlueTrack technology, and it has been proven as well. The distance of 98 feet is really long and nobody would like to operate a computer from such a long distance. The most common distance are a few meters and within that distance, the tracking is tremendous, which even some laser mice are failed to record.


For a gamer or a professional computer user, tracking of every movement matters and this is where Microsoft’s Explorer mice with BlueTrack technology has been proven to be the best mice. The only drawback of this technology is it has made Microsoft’s Explorer mice costly and you will need to spend a good amount to buy a Microsoft’s Explorer mouse.