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According to Steam’s stats page, on January 7th Steam surpasses 14 million online users. While now, however, its back to the normal 12 to 13 million.

At the time Dota 2 had the highest concurrent player count with 951,942 concurrent players.
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive was with 675,195 players and Grand Theft Auto V was with 116,230.

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It important to note, that these numbers include players that just have a Steam game running in the background, not necessary playing it.

In 2012, Valve hit 5 million concurrent users. And passed 12 million concurrent users in January 2015.

It’s no coincidence that January is a time when Valve routinely hits user milestones—with just a few weeks after Christmas and its Winter Sale, more players are sure to have adopted the gaming service.