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The multiplayer heist game Payday 2 got the “Scarface” themed DLC packs.
The first is the “Scarface Heist” pack. It includes “The Scarface Mansion” Heist, materials and patterns, 4 masks, 2 new weapons, and 6 Achievements.
The heist’s story is that the Butchers weapon smuggling operation has been ambushed by the Sosa cartel. Now the Butcher is not one to anger, so she hires you, the payday gang, to take care of business.
This “heist” is a full on assault on the mansion. Players must trash the place, kill the goons, flush out the boss and kill them. Or of course, you can go in quite, kill the boss without making a sound and leave without a trace.
And like I wrote above, you also get new items and weapons, all with a classic 80s crime movies motive.

The other pack is called the “Scarface Character Pack” and it includes “the legendary gangster Scarface”, the Little Friend 7.62, Lumber Lite L2 Chainsaw and the Kingpin Perk Deck.

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This character is described as a ruthless killer, ready to do anything to get a slice of that American dream pie. “The Kingpin Perk” allows you to stab yourself with a loaded injector of multiple chemicals (mostly crack) and gives you the ability to go on an angry rage of bloodshed.

The Little Friend 7.62 is a full auto converted assault rifle with an under barrel grenade launcher attached. “Lumber Lite L2 Chainsaw” is,,, well a chainsaw: Loud and dangerous. And there are 2 masks: The Scarface and the Scarface Begins. The first being in black, white and red, showing the duality of the ruthless killer and team player and the second on is a pure white version of the first one.

The Scarface Heist Pack costs $6.99/£4.99, while the Character Pack will set you back $4.99/£3.99. Only one person per heist group is required to own the heist pack to access the mission.