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SteelSeries QcK Gaming Mouse Pad Review

Size & Look

The SteelSeries QcK Gaming Mouse Pad is without a doubt the best gaming mouse pad for its low price! A gamer can easily use a lot more money for essentially the same quality and feel. I have tested this gaming mouse pad for about two hours and I have to say that I’m highly recommending this mouse pad for those who play FPS games. The mouse pad is not going to improve your gaming score, but it will improve your gaming experience, which for ordinary gamers is very important.

One of the big pluses is the size of this gaming mouse pad. It’s a bit larger than the standard mouse pads you normally see in stores.

Are you one of those who does a lot of photo editing jobs, then this mouse pad is the one and only for you. The mouse feels very smooth when you move it over the mouse pad which helps to, for example, cropping the images more easily. Note: Working with low DPI settings may let you run out of mouse pad, therefore, you may look at something larger.

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How the Mousepad Comes

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– The SteelSeries QcK best gaming mouse Pad is very large compared to it’s considered a medium
– The low price, which makes it affordable for everyone
– Grips the desk nicely so no flopping around
– The mouse does not jitter or stick
– Stays in the place

–  I have honestly no bad things to say about this mouse pad. Many people say that it can be worn. But the same does all the mouse pads over time. And if you go further down in price, the quality will never be comparable to this one.