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300X250 Banner MAThe PowerLead Gpow PJS-X9 budget gaming mouse comes in a simple cardboard box without directions, only a little bubble wrap. Connecting the mouse is simple and done instantaneously via the USB cable. The moment you take the mouse out of the container you’ll notice its weight. It’s got quite a weight to it, but it does make it feel more durable, making it seem like it is of a higher price tier.


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Now, the most demanding thing I endured with this particular mouse was only removing the Hardware protect before inserting it. Once you put this mouse in, it instantly lights up. It lights up with a general green color and remains green most of the time. The mouse has 9 buttons! You have two standard 3 buttons (remaining, right and mouse wheel) plus two DPI buttons on the cover of the mouse simply under the wheel. There are four other buttons which you’d use with your USB (utilizing your right-hand).

The PowerLead Gpow PJS-X9 has 9 buttons. You have two standard 3 buttons (remaining, right and mouse wheel) plus two DPI buttons on the cover of the mouse simply under the wheel. And four other buttons which you’d use with your USB (utilizing your right-hand).

The DPI is the speed at which the cursor on the screen moves about. Having the ability to raise the speed of the cursor is so important in bunches of games today as the games frequently are so graphic hungry that they decelerate the mouse and it can’t keep up. You can raise the speed of the cursor using the DPI buttons (or lower it for standard Computer use).

The DPI is normally just one button, but with this mouse, you will find just two buttons: + and -. Those two buttons can change the DPI up or down. Using this will make the mouse shine another shade for a moment before returning to the familiar green. The colors are Red, Green, Blue, Crimson and light blue. Two of the buttons on the thumb region are forwards and backwards, which is amazing for surfing the web.

The third button on the thumb is, I believe, the auto fire switch and does trigger the auto in my games, but in the one shooting game I examined it wasn’t auto firing, my firearm only fired once – but this may possibly be due to which games you play; I was enjoying an unfamiliar shooter RPG!


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The final button is a C with an arrow twisted around it. As soon as I pushed this while using my laptop it triggered the media player. I didn’t have a CD drive attached so not sure if it’s supposed to do something with the CD push or not… Either way I don’t understand what this button does.

The Gpow PJS-X9 comes with a non-slip grippy material on the top. That is great as anybody who plays extreme games will recognize just how tired your hand gets when using a mouse. This mouse really has a terrific grasp.  The mouse wheel also has a rubbery feel and is uneven, making it simple to move your finger over to it.

Yet another fantastic feature of this cheap gaming mouse is its wire. It includes a wire instead of a plastic cable as well as the wire has a connector to the mouse that’s a bit like those you see on corded irons. This strengthens the cord and actually allows it to fold. This is amazing as my prior regular mice have all been used so much I’ve eventually managed to break the plastic cord and expose the interior cables!

I adore the way it lights up to look like a signal panel:). It seems, therefore comfy to carry. It isn’t also huge for my smaller hands, but can be a proper match if you have bigger fingers also. It really is quite secure to use and I’ve really had fantastic grip on it while playing my own games. I like how it’s a bit fatter than regular mice, allowing for a relaxed and easy palm grip. The mouse is perfect for using in the right hand and even though it would be very cozy left-handed, it isn’t ideal. This is one budget gaming mouse I can recommend.

Item Weight: 5.6 ounces
Buttons: 9
Laser: Optical



Do you have more to add to this mouse? Feel free to write it in the comments.

PowerLead Gpow PJS-X9

PowerLead Gpow PJS-X9



Sensor Performence


Build Quality





  • Amaxing adjustable lights
  • Perfect for FPS gaming
  • Cheap gaming mouse


  • Only 2 of the side buttons can be mapped in-game
  • A little heavy