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300X250 Banner MARemoving the little dust cap on the Havit HV-MS728  gaming mouse after unboxing it reveals a gold plated USB 2.0 type A connector that will be used to connect to the PC. It has a nice braided 1.2 USB meter cable which results in a nice and solid connection on the mouse. On the bottom of the mouse, there’s an on/off switch for the LED backlight. Turning it to the off position makes it so the LEDs will not be on which you can use in instances where you sleep your room but you want to leave the computer on while downloading a game. What a very nice feature to have. And of course, you can turn it on so you can have a light show.Havit HV-MS728 Gaming MouseHavit included the Avago 9800 which actually in this model, I have had a bit of an issue with, but Havit sent a replacement out which should hopefully fix this issue. Mine had a few issues here and there with the clicks, that’s why they sent me a replacement. It’s got a Max 8200 DPI, which is obviously really high, but I use about 1800 DPI for playing games. Since Havit sent out the replacement Mouse, I have had no issues with clicks or the tracking performance. The only issue I have had, however, is when changing the color of the LED backlight, the mouse seems to not respond for a few minutes which is kind of bad, but if you do not change the color often, you shouldn’t have an issue. I really appreciate the little switch under the mouse where you can easily switch off the light on the mouse, this is one of the best features a mouse can have in my opinion – many other manufacturers should learn something from Havit. On the side of the mouse, there’s a nice comfortable texture with a grip to make it so your hands don’t slag around the mouse. There’s also a kind of light strip around the whole side of the mouse and on the bottom and the lights do come through the portion of the logo and the scroll wheel. On the top of the mouse, at the center, you’ve got a DPI adjustment button which can be programmed in the software that can be downloaded from the provided link which is very nice. All of the buttons on the mouse are programmable by the way. Although, I couldn’t actually get the side buttons to work apart from the web page functions

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For the right and left click, I’m going to be honest, they are not the best. They are quite a bit loud and I have definitely felt bad clicks since they don’t feel solid and it’s probably because there are two separate pieces and that makes their clicks feel rather bad. One thing I do like is whether you press the front or back parts of the mouse clicks, it feels the same, so I can have a major claw grip.

Havit HV-MS728 Gaming Mouse

So, other issues I have found with the DPI buttons is that the minus (-) button is raised quite high, and I find myself accidentally pressing it with my middle finger when using the scroll wheel in the game which is really quite bad but luckily the software allows you to disable the button completely or change its functions. So something else that I would have liked with this mouse would have been the ability to change its weight. I think this could have been added with little to no extra cost and I find the mouse at this moment to be quite a bit heavy, not to mention how long it is which will put a bit of strain on your wrist with extended use.

For the scroll wheel, it is pretty nice. It is one of the better feeling scroll wheels and it does light up as well. Also, the six (6) built-in DPI levels all come with different colors which are red, blue, light green, yellow, light blue and pink. They all look really vibrant. The pink one is not the best I’d say. To me, the red is the best-looking one because it is super vibrant and looks really nice. They all look nice and of course, you can customize the color from the software.

Item Weight: 4.5 ounces
Buttons: 7
Sensor: Avago 9800 Optical



Do you have more to add to this mouse? Feel free to write it in the comments.

Havit HV-MS728

Havit HV-MS728



Sensor Performence


Build Quality





  • Nice and smooth scroll wheel
  • Nice side grips
  • Adequate and flexible light adjustments
  • The LED swtich under the mouse


  • Loud right and left clicks
  • Can be a little long for people with small hands