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300X250 Banner MAWith a beautiful look and an ergonomic design, the Bloody TL80 laser gaming mouse is a perfect option for those who have online gaming in their DNA. It has rubber in the right places to help keep it sweat free, meaning you can play  for hours and hours without getting even a single sign of sweat. No sweat indicates good design, and the mouse fits perfectly in your palm giving you a very fluid gaming experience.Skærmbillede 2016-01-06 kl. 02.00.18 (1) (1)Bloody TL80 Terminator Laser Gaming Mouse Reaview

As for its construction, the Bloody TL80 Terminator laser gaming mouse has metal feet that bring you a highly responsive and durable mouse that everyone loves to have. And, when used with a mouse pad, it becomes extra responsive adding more power to your gaming.

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When we ask a hard core gamer what he wants to see in his professional gaming mouse, we have come to know many points that include, but are not limited to: smoothness, high DPI, programmable buttons, thumb rest, sweat free top, highly sensitive scroll wheel, sensitive micro switches, and moderate weight. And, when we look through Bloody TL80 Terminator gaming mouse, then it is unbelievable to know that it has everything that a hardcore gamer wants in his mouse.

With 9 programmable buttons, including DPI switcher, 4 firepower modes, and exclusive gear style switch, you get the sensitivity on every switch that can make you a winner. It has 5 pre-set settings for DPI, which you can use easily with a click of the DPI switcher. The maximum DPI supported is 8200, and if you want more than 5 switches for DPI, you can program them using the macro settings which are easy to configure with the software that comes with the Bloody TL80 Terminator gaming mouse.

Speed of switching from one action to another matters a lot to professional gamers. Delays of even a MS can have drastic results. Therefore, this gaming mouse uses a LightStrike Switch (a proprietary switch), which gives you the fastest response time of 0.2 MS on a switch. Not to be outdone, the scroll wheel has been made extra responsive with the use of infrared, adding an extra advantage to the gamers who use the scroll wheel more than other buttons. You can also program the actions to be performed by using different mouse buttons using the Ultra Core4 Bloody 5 gaming software that comes with this mouse. The software has several macros defined that can be used to set the actions to be performed to your likings.

Item Weight: 5.1 ounce
Buttons: 9
Sensor: Laser


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Bloody TL80

Bloody TL80



Sensor Performance


Build Quality





  • 5 pre-set settings for DPI for quick use without programming
  • Metal feet for highest responsiveness
  • Proprietary switches offering 0.2 Ms response rate
  • Sweat free design with use of rubber at right place


  • Not for those who want a bulky mouse; it does not even have weight adjustment
  • Cost is a bit high but for the extra cost you are getting highly responsive switches too