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Id’s upcoming multiplayer shooter: Quake Champions, will enter its closed beta. The testing phase will come in the “coming weeks”. Sign-ups are now live on the new websites, plus more information about the game, like champions and weapons etc.

Expect more information later this week, such as a profile video of the first Champion Nyx on Wednesday. And a video the first Blood Covenant Area this Thursday.

Tim Willits, the creative director of the game said in an interview with PCGamer:

“Things have never been better, It’s amazing—Doom was so awesome that it made making Quake way easier. There’s just a lovefest at the studio right now.”

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“With Doom, the studio really hit on the core fundamentals of what people enjoyed about the franchise. So with Quake, we want to keep the scope tight; the focus tight—that’s why it’s PC only. We want to do the best competitive multiplayer game that we can.”

Again sign-ups for the closed beta are up on the game’s site.