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This update brings long awaited changes, nerfs, buffs and a very belated game feature. But the main focus for this updated are the changes to the turret based hero: Bastion. From the PTR servers, a lot of players have mentioned that these changes make the robot way more aggressive.

Here’s a full rundown via the official patch notes:

Configuration: Sentry

Deploy time decreased from 1.5 seconds to 1.0 second
Bullet spread increased by 50 percent
Bullet spread is always at maximum (it no longer increases as the weapon is fired)
Magazine size increased from 200 to 300
No longer deals critical damage
Configuration: Recon

Bullet spread decreased by 25 percent
Magazine size increased from 20 to 25

Can now be used while moving
Now bound to secondary fire (formerly Ability 2)
No longer interrupted by taking damage
A new resource meter has been added that deplete while Self-Repair is active and recharges when not in use
Configuration: Tank

No longer grants bonus armor
Bastion has a new passive: Ironclad

Bastion takes 35% less damage while in Sentry or Tank configuration

“The goal of these changes is to move some of Bastion’s power from Configuration: Sentry to Recon, while keeping its sentry mode a strong option, especially versus tanks and barriers. Overall, Bastion should feel stronger and more flexible with these changes.”

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In addition to the Bastion changes, Roadhog is getting a nerf for his one hook one kill combo. D.Va’s defence matrix can now absorb shot point blank and Mercy not being in too much danger when resurrecting.

As for gameplay itself there are two major changes.
Respawn times have been tweaked, making it so when one team is loosing massively, the othre team gets a increased respawn timer.
There is now a server browser which will let players customize and share their own game modes with everyone on the internet.