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Over 100 player MMO shooter starts enlisting for the closed beta

The battlefield game happens to be a video game series that got technologically advanced by Dice. This video game has really outdone itself within the gaming industry; as it has been proven so through it managing to win an award. This particular company did put out an announcement to all its esteemed loyal and new clients of the update which already is taking place.

The gaming company did do some update on the battlefield 1 fall which they are still in the process of reminding their customers. The company does say that the Battlefield 1 Fall Update will continue being deployed in one’s platforms automatically. The update is set to involve all features within the battlefield games; this means that PC multiplayer, PS4 multiplayer and the Xbox One multiplayer will receive an upgrade. The company‚Äôs game programmers did present the update which will be sure to offer more intensity once one starts to play under the new update.

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This move had to be announced as it will affect the way on when the multiplayer get to be online. The announcement does offer the times during which the multiplayer will be offline, this way clients will have a total understanding why there is no connectivity with the multiplayer.

Additionally, the date has also been mentioned on when the updating started taking place, the company did intend to bring in an update. This move has highly been welcomed as it does provide the edge required in gaming.

The update is ongoing live; the clients are also being reminded to check back with the company the moment the maintenance is through. Battlefield has really stretched and advanced itself as a gaming company, the update does take an extra mile ahead of any other competitive companies.

From the announcement on the update, the company does also notify its players on certain notes which they should use in having a clear understanding of the updates and how they would operate once installed. Clearly, the company does a show of how they do care for their players as they would not want them to go through an update which they will not have an understanding of.

Basically, this is one update which if one is a battlefield player should not miss updating. The update does offer perfect playing and other gaming features that add more lifelike aspects which lead to more playing and much more fun for the players.