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In an attempt to stop a certain kind of griefing in the multiplayer part of the game Conan Exiles, the developers and Funcom have region locked the servers. However, this means that players in Asia, South America, and Russia can’t play the game on the official servers.

Community manager Jens Erik stated in a post. (on the game’s Steam page)
“We have decided to East/West region lock the official servers for three reasons. The language barrier and the different playstyles are proving jarring for a lot of players. Also, the vastly different time zones between regions made offline raiding an unavoidable issue for a lot of players who would wake up to all their stuff being completely ruined.”

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Addressed was also the lack of servers in Asia, South America, and Russia, and that the developer will hopefully put servers up for those regions “sometime next week.” Until that then, players in those regions van only play on private servers. A guide on Steam offers help setting up a dedicated Conan server.

Also, Players who can currently log into the official servers have reported a number of crashes. Erik says that Funcom is aware of the issue and is working on a fix.

“We hope to have it patched as quickly as possible,” he wrote. “Please keep in mind that we’re only about two weeks out of Early Access launch. There will always be things that are in need of fixing, whether it be server performance, game balancing or minor and major bugs.
There’s not often a straight answer to all the problems that can come up when you’re developing a game. Fix one thing and two more things might break.”