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Firaxis, the developer of Civilization 6, have released 2 premium DLC’s and a winter update.
One of the scenarios is focused on the Viking faction. Not only a campaign to conquer Europe with the warlords. Harald Hardrada of Norway, King Canute of the Danes, or Olof Skotkonung of Sweden. but also there are new City-States (Auckland, Antananarivo, Armagh, Granada, Muscat, and Palenque) and Three new Natural Wonders (Eyjafjallajökull, Lysefjord, Giant’s Causeway)

The Polish DLC includes the ruler Jadwiga and her scenario “Jadwiga’s Legacy”. It is said that the Polish main strength is gaining control via religious and spiritual means and fortifying their borders.
Here is what other things that are included in the DLC.
“Poland’s “Golden Liberty” unique ability allows them to gain territory when they build a Fort or Encampment, even allowing them to steal territory from other civs! They also convert a Military Policy slot into a Wildcard slot, giving them extra flexibility in culture.
Jadwiga allows you to spread your religion to the nearby city when you gain another civ’s territory with Golden Liberty. Her relics provide bonus Faith, Culture, and Gold.
The famous Winged Hussar is strong on the attack and can push back defending units.
The Sukiennice, or Cloth Hall, gives bonus Production from foreign Trade Routes, and Gold from internal Trade Routes.”

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As for the “Winter 2016 Update,” it includes a lot of gameplay changes, bug fixes, AI tuning, gameplay changes and more. As for the new things that will be added, you have a “World map”, an “Alert” action for units, replay option to Wonder completion movies and an easy jump to a scenario from the single player menu. You can read all about the DLC and the update you can read them on the steam page here.