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Last month. Starbound devs teased a new project, that has now been revealed! Wargroove is a ‘spiritual successor’ to tactics games from the 2000’s, such as Advance Wars and the classic Fire emblem.

“Wargroove is a modern take on the simple yet deep turn-based tactical gameplay popularised in the 2000s by handheld games such as Advance Wars. As big fans of those games we were disappointed to find that nothing in this genre was available on current generation platforms and set out to fill the gap ourselves,”

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“Wargroove aims to recreate the charm and accessibility of the titles that inspired it whilst bringing modern technology into the formula. This modern focus allows for higher resolution pixel art, robust online play and deep modding capability, ultimately creating the most complete experience for Advance Wars and TBS fans.”

Wargroove is expected to be out later this year. For more information check the official website.