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After Crytek closes five of its branches earlier this month, the Sofia, Bulgaria-based branch reformed to its original state: “Black Sea Games”. Now an indie company with Vesselin Handjiev as a management director and the original founder of the studio back in 2001, they are planning for a new IP, but with no info so far on what it would be.

Black Sea Games Ltd. is an independent game development company based in Sofia, Bulgaria, founded in November 2016. Our mission is to create hard-core games that will entertain you over and over again. We believe the best gaming experiences are coming from challenging the players with meaningful choices while giving them the freedom to create (and share) their own in-game stories. Whether it is a “sandbox” or an “open world”, these are just words. We would know we did our job right, when you feel like: “Ah,… just one more hour”.

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The company’s previous games, before the Crytec acquisition where the 2004 RTS Knights of Honor and the 2008 tactical RPG WorldShift. And before the disbanding, it was known that they were working on the MOBA “Arena of Fate” that was announced in 2014. While in its closed beta this November, the closer did come out and it was part of Crytek’s can “refocus on its core strengths of developing innovative games and game development technology.”

The existence of Black Sea Studios was actually revealed on Twitter in mid-November, more than a month prior to the news of the Crytek closures, and the official announcement of its relaunch was made on December 23. But since it was the holidays, the announcement was missed by most.