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Best Budget Gaming Headset 2016 (1)

It’s 2017, guys, and you need a gaming headset because they’re pretty much a household item at this point. Maybe you purchased one on a tight budget and you’ve found out that it’s not all that it was cracked up to be. Or maybe you got one as a gift one year but it just wasn’t the best gaming headset around. Whether you have a gaming headset at home or not, it’s worthwhile to stay in the know about the latest trends in the gaming headset industry.

That’s why I’m going to review 7 of the best entry level gaming headsets on the market right now. You might be asking…high prices mean high quality, and if that’s your buying criteria then you may be the victim of some really great marketing and poorly executed products. Don’t be that guy! Trust me, it’s not fun. Plus, who wants to spend hundreds of dollars on something they aren’t even too sure about yet? if you plan to step up your gaming experience but you aren’t quite sure where to begin, then you’re doing three things right by coming here to read my article:

  1. You have to get your feet wet first, before you dive into a world of expensive and complicated gaming headsets. So my suggestion to you is to start small and go big later once you have an idea of what you like. I say this because it’s likely that you will run into problems later on down the road that you never even imagined would be an issue. To top it off, you’re left with an imperfect gaming headset that cost you an upwards of $100.
  1. You need advice from a professional gamer, blogger, and reviewer because in reality you probably don’t need a fancy expensive gaming headset. No, you just need the BEST cheap gaming headset.
  1. A lot of the gaming headset articles I’ve read brag about the extra features on gaming headsets, but they tend to neglect the most important criteria to consider in your purchase. That’s why I think you should know the truth about gaming headsets. There’s only three things that matter. These are sound quality, comfort, and mic clarity. Any extra feature is simply that, extra

1. SADES Gaming Headset A60S/OMG

SADES Gaming Headset A60S/OMG

Let me start out by saying that the SADES is the best cheap gaming headset if you want a balanced mix of comfort and sound quality. All good things come at a price, and for the SADES, it’s the huge size and bulky design of the headset.

In terms of sound, the SADES has some excellent noise canceling features. It’s closed earcup design will cover your entire ear and keep background noise to a minimum. The fit isn’t too tight either, so you won’t experience a “seashell effect.” The meat of the SADES is the high magnetic NDFEB driver units, which produce clear treble, decent brass, acoustic positioning precision, and some badass grenade explosions.

Comfort wise—the SADES has memory foam around each earcup, which will keep you from taking these things off. This is one of the most comfortable cheap gaming headsets I’ve used in the past 3 years that I’ve been doing this, so take my word for it.

The mic quality is just damn great. First of all, there’s no boom mic sticking out at all times. You can fold it up whenever you want. I didn’t have any problems with mic reception and I was able to speak quietly and loudly without wreaking havoc. Also, the mic is really great about not picking up background noise in the room. My friends were happy about that.

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2. MARVO HG9012


Sound quality anyone? The Marvo HG9012 has some of the best sound quality of any cheap gaming headset on the market. Marvo stocked this gaming headset with a Vibration Intelligent 4D Extreme Bass, DAC unit, last but not least, 7.1 Digital Surround Sound. It may not sound like anything crazy, but the surround sound on this gaming headset is just flat out amazing. I had to double check the price just to make sure I wasn’t mistaking it with a high-end headset.

Some other nice features are the noise isolation pads. The closed protein ear cushion blocks out noise and makes it comfortable too.

The Marvo is also a joy to speak into. The Tilting Omnidirectional microphone makes sure of that. The mic has – 36±3dB @ 1Khz Sensitivity and Omnidirectional Directivity which help produce clear and solid audio.

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3. SADES SA903


I have to hand it to Sades, for keeping up the good work on their line of gaming headsets. The SA903 is the best gaming headset if you want insane comfort, high quality sound, and a very responsive microphone.

The first thing I noticed with the SA903 is that it’s got some of the best balance in terms of bass and treble. Bomb explosions, narration, spell casting…the 7.1 surround sound on the Sades SA903 handles a wide range of sound effects. The top-notch sound is partly due to the 40 mm drivers with neodymium magnets and membranes, which are good music and voice chat as well. You can easily adjust the chip levels to get the perfect treble-bass combination.

The mic dimensions run 6.0 * 5.0 mm and it’s rotatable for exact positioning. You can turn the mic on and off with a button on the microphone. I used it in TeamSpeak and I had no problems with having to repeat myself.

The protein earcap make this one of the best gaming headsets in terms of comfort. It’s got a cushioned headband and comfortable ear cushions with lights on the side. Wearing this headset is going to feel like a day at the spa. Seriously, you might forget that it’s on your head after a couple of hours.

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4. SADES Spirit Wolf

SADES Spirit Wolf

Okay so when I said Sades was putting out some of the best cheap gaming headsets for 2017, I really meant it. That’s why the Sades Spirit Wolf is number four on this list. In all honesty, who wouldn’t want to try it out with a name like that?

Now all of these headsets are on the entry level in terms of price and quality, but the Spirit Wolf is extremely affordable and jam packed with high quality sound, mic, and comfort features.

The Spirit Wolf is stocked with the latest high magnetic NDFEB Driver, which produces crisp highs, deep bass and acoustic precision positioning. What does all of that mean? Freaking awesome sound quality. It’s great for antiphonal panning sounds and gives off a surround sound effect. The drivers get loud but not too loud. You won’t have any distortion problems here.

Sades really delivers on their microphone quality. The Spirit Wolf’s mic is sensitive and sturdy. It’s well-grounded too so you won’t hear that obnoxious crackling noise when you adjust it. Background noise won’t be an issue if you’re dealing with the Spirit Wolf. While you can’t tuck the Spirit Wolf mic inside your headset, you can fold it up or down.

I have to say the Spirit Wolf isn’t the best in terms of comfort compared to some of the other headsets on this list, but it holds up against the majority of the entry-level headset market. The memory foam earcups mold around you ears quite nicely and provide adequate comfort for gaming sessions between 2 and 4 hours.

All in all, the Spirit Wolf earns its badass name.

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5. Logitech G230

Logitech G230

Logitech really makes a great entry-level gaming headset. In fact, the on-cable sound controls and audio adjustment dials makes the G230 the best cheap gaming headset in terms of sound.

This is a company that understands how important sound for a truly immersive gaming experience. The G230 boasts 40mm neodymium drivers and an immaculate soundstage for top-notch surround sound. You will literally hear everything you were meant to when the designers put together your favorite game. I also really love the adjustment nobs, which allow you to customize your sound settings. Playing a game with lots of explosions? Turn up the bass with a quick adjustment. Need to hear some really quiet whispers? Turn up the truble with a quick adjustment. You get it.

Logitech also delivers comfort. The performance-sport cloth earcup pads make sure of that. They’re really, really soft without heating things up too much inside. So you won’t get sweaty, but you will get a comfortable fit. You can also remove the covers for easy cleaning just in case things start to get a little bit messy in there. Hey, it happens. Oh, and did I mention that the earcups swivel to fit pretty much any kind of head shape? Yeah, that’s a bonus and it’ll come in hand for us outliers in the head department.

I got to hand it to Logitech for delivering an awesome microphone as well. The G230 is unbelievably clear with optimal noise-cancelling abilities. It uses a Cardioid pickup pattern, pressure gradient electret condenser with a frequency response rate of 50-20KHz. You can also rotate the boom to the best position in relation to your mouth.  It all tallies up to superior sound.

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6. Sades A55T

Sades A55T

Sades is back for another spot on the best cheap gaming headsets of 2017. It’s jam-packed with features and it looks amazing. All at an affordable price to get your head in the game.

So let’s talk about that 40mm NdFeB high magnetic speaker. I really love that it has a high/alto/low frequency sound effect, because this is NOT something you’ll see on many gaming headsets especially at the entry-level. That said, the sound experience is truly unique and more like a surround sound experience. I know a lot of gamers that love to watch movies in their down time. I’m one of those guys too and the A55T is wonderful for it.

The mic sensitivity is all you could ask for at -40dB +/- 3dB with a stellar frequency range of 50-10KHz. If you aren’t too familiar with all of those numbers, then take my word for it when I say it’s a good thing. Any great gaming headset is going to have a highly sensitive mic with a large frequency range to pick up lows, mids, and highs at any volume level.

If you’ve ever purchased a cheap gaming headset that continually slides off your ears or squeezes your head, then you’re in bad territory. After all, even if a gaming headset has stellar sound quality, if it doesn’t fit right then you won’t want to wear it. The A55T isn’t like that. In fact, it’s so comfortable that it’ll make you second guess your lifestyle choices up to this point. The comfort formula is simple too: soft and large earmuffs + a lightweight design (for less pressure) + and an adjustable padded headband.

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7. Kotion Each G1000

Kotion Each G1000

We’re down to our last headset and we have the Kotion Each G1000 to wrap it all up with. Let me tell you, great sound, awesome mic quality, and superior comfort make the Kotion G1000 the best gaming headset in terms of all-around features.

The 50mm Magnetic Neodymium drivers deliver accurate sound precision. Impedance is at a whopping 32ohm and frequency range is at a standard 20-20KHz. For those of you who have yet to experience high quality sound, one thing is for certain: When you do, your performance will increase significantly. That’s because sound gives you the drop on your foes. If you can hear the sound associated with a particular move, then you will react faster. Ear-training goes a long way in the gaming world and if you’re out there feeling like you’ve peaked as a gamer, then it might have more to do with the sound quality than anything else.

I love the omnidirectional microphone for its flexibility but, primarily, for its noise reduction features. In terms of mic sensitivity, the G1000 comes in at -38dB +/- 3dB. That’s even better than the Sades A55T and it will make a remarkable difference in your speech clarity.

The leather pads are some of the most comfortable earpads I’ve seen on any gaming headset before. It’s a lightweight headset too which reduces the amount of pressure on your head. It’s comfortable and it seals your ears off from nearby disturbances. If you live in a noisy area, then this will be a nice addition to your gaming setup. The cushioning is made of a leather-type material, which is always the way to go.

Overall, I really love the Kotion Each G1000. It’s got a really sleek design as well with earcups that light up and reveal a futuristic pattern. You’ll want to be sure to keep this on your list of gaming headsets to look out for in 2017.

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Do you have more to add to this article? Feel free to write it in the comments.