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300X250 Banner MAIf you are looking for an ambidextrous mouse with a very robust design and top of the line technology in optical sensors, look no further. The Asus ROG Sica boasts a Pixart 3310 sensor accompanied by Top of the line Omron switches with a nice glossy finish. The mouse buttons are separate from the body of the mouse, giving you a nice crisp click every time, The Omron switches inside are replaceable with the ROG Sica’s customizable socket. It’s as easy as opening it up, popping it out, and replacing it without solder.Asus ROG announces the Latest ROG SicaThe mouse is your standard ambidextrous shape, it lacks side buttons many current generation gamers love, but it makes up for it by being very lightweight and well equipped. The coating of the mouse makes it very comfortable to grip – not too sleek at all. It has a nice rubberized texture on the back (Does not really affect the grip positively or negatively) and comes in black or white!

Asus ROG announces the Latest ROG Sica

Key positives and negatives of this mouse are:


Very lightweight, sleek shape.
Replaceable Omron switches
Included second set of mouse feet
User-friendly program and onboard storage set it once and done!
The beautiful and reliable Pixart 3310 sensor!
Lacks the overzealous lighting of other companies, and comes with the ability to turn the lights off!


– The lack of the side buttons is very apparent to many users
You have to download the software at least once to set it
 Designed for smaller hands, and primarily targeted at claw and fingertip users
Scroll wheel is lack luster and could use some work.