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This year’s ELEAGUE Major SC: GO tournament was held in Atlanta from Jan. 22th to the 29th. And in the end it was won by the Danish’s team Astralis won it with a close 2:1 against the Polish team Virtus.Pro.CS.

The maps that were played during the grand final, after the veto vote, where Nuke (chosen by VP), Overpass (chosen by Astralis) and Train (which was the decider).

On Nuke, there were many aggressive plays by both team, which lead to a back and forth with the scores, but in the end, the Astralis let VP take their first win on the map they picked with a score of 16 to 12 for Virus.

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During the Overpass rounds, the polish was still going aggressive, while the danish went for a more defensive play style, which did lead to a close win with a score of 16 to 14 for Astralis, but only after Kjaerbye won a 1v1 against Snax.

And finally, during the deciding rounds on Train, there were a bunch of comebacks from the Danes. VP had a strong start, which leads to Astralis have an uphill battle, with a very low economy state, But in the end, Astralis won with a 16 to 14 and winning the pot of $500,000 USD.

You can watch the whole thing on ELEAGUE’s YouTube channel as hour long vlogs.