We are a team of 3 technology experts (hopefully more in the future) who test dozens of computer mice every month in our headquarters. We are former amateur Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and League of Legends gamers, but we are passionate about what we do each day.We have been avid gamers for a time that feels like very long ago now. That’s where our fascination for the best gaming mice started!

Back in the day as amateur CS: GO and LoL gamers, we wanted to get a good mouse to play like a pro. We noted that the information was really too much and the reviews were scattered everywhere. Usually, people review a mouse based on their own opinion, formed after using it for a very short time. Gamers need a to-go place to look up and compare the best gaming mice and get the best one according to their specific gaming needs. In our search for the best gaming mice, we decided to put our passion to work and came up with MouseArea.com
MouseArea.com is the only site on the internet that makes profound reviews of all kinds of mice available for Windows, Apple, Linux and more. We are totally unique as compared to any other site providing info on gaming gear as we live and breathe gaming. We know what kinds of mice are preferable for what kinds of play styles. Wired versus wireless, resolution, sensitivity, polling rate, palm grip versus claw grip, sensor, etc. we are familiar with every devil in the detail when it comes to gaming-grade mice. Our main aim is to guide the gamers in the right direction to recognize your play style and go for the mouse accordingly.

How We Test The Gaming Mice

Once we get a receive gaming mouse, we test it by plugging it into our gaming rig and check if it is easy or difficult to set up and install its software (if it has any). Then, we explore how to configure multiple profiles, tweak lighting options assign button commands, and set dots-per-inch (DPI) sensitivity settings. To test its complete strengths and weaknesses, we test the gaming mouse through 4 different games across various genres at least. This helps us determine its plus points and shortcomings first hand. In general, we test a mouse for a minimum of two days to know how comfortable it is for avid gamers. Constant gaming can hurt your wrists, so the ergonomics are as important as the functionality. We publish in-depth reviews on all the popular and latest mice and try our best to give you all the information to help you choose the best gaming mouse for your specific needs.

Do you want to be part of this team? If you have a question, feel free to contact us here.