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Best CS-GO mouse 2018
November 21, 2017

Best CS:GO Gaming Mouse

Among the many various gaming mice that we have available today, we look at several different mice that are fine–tuned for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and other first person shooter games.…
March 26, 2017

StarCraft: Remastered Announced

Blizzard announced StarCraft: Remastered. The complete graphical upgrade of the original StarCraft (including the Brood War expansion). It's expected to be released this summer. This version will feature 4K graphics…
March 13, 2017

Strafe delayed to May

This morning developer Pixel Titans announced that, due to "unforeseen global shortages of polygons," the "uber-gore" FPS  Strafe won't actually be out until May 9. Also read: Review: Tt eSports Black…