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Review: Zowie FK1+ Gaming Mouse

If there’s one thing certain about the Zowie FK1+ gaming mouse, it’s that looks aren’t everything. In fact, the Zowie FK1+ is one of the best mice I’ve used in a long time. So I couldn’t help but buy one myself after I tested the mouse this past week for about 5 hours of gameplay

Review: Zowie FK1 Gaming Mouse

So I got this Zowie FK1 gaming mouse today in the mail and I really want to just go over my thoughts on the mouse itself because I have used it all day. So, I have come up with a conclusion as to what this mouse is and what it isn’t. That’s not to say

Review: Zowie ZA13 Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse

At first glance, when I picked up the Zowie ZA13 gaming mouse I noticed a lot of similarities with the FK series. It’s by no means high-end, but Zowie is known for its minimalist quality in its builds, which has always appealed to some gamers. It was built with palm grip users in mind, given

Review: Zowie EC1-A Optical Gaming Mouse

I’m going to start this off by saying that I’m a big fan of Zowie gaming mice in general, mainly because their mouse models perfectly fits my hand. Therefore, of course, most of my gaming mice have actually been from Zowie. That said, the Zowie Gear’s EC1-A, basically a new and improved EC1, did manage