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Review: Bloody A60 gaming mouse

I have found that the Bloody A60 gaming mouse has a spectacular response time and absolutely more than meets the title of fastest response time. With 4000CPI this hard-core gaming mouse will have you speeding across any screen size. This is alongside an infrared scroll wheel which means that not only does the Bloody A60

Revew: Bloody ZL50 Gaming Mouse

Not many people know the A4tech Bloody gaming mice, because the bad why the brand their products. That’s a shame because they are producing pretty good gaming mice. Here we are going to test the  A4Tech Bloody ZL5 gaming mouse. The Bloody ZL5 laser gaming mouse adopts the Avago A9800 High-Performance laser engine to deliver pixel-precise

Review: Bloody T70 Gaming Mouse

Let’s start off by saying that with a name like Bloody, you can’t go wrong. The specs on the Bloody T70 live up to the name too. Take, for example, the world’s fastest response rate. Or their infrared scroll wheel and a special underbelly design that makes it glide more smoothly than any other mouse

Review: Bloody AL90 Gaming Mouse

Bloody has been around in business for around 9 so years, and over this span of time, they have managed to produce extremely efficient gaming accessories which rival top names while still going easy on your wallet. Taking a first look at Bloody AL90, you would instantly be taken aback with the sheer badass-ness the

Review: Bloody ML160 laser Gaming Mouse

I always love a high-end and feature-rich gaming mouse that is relatively affordable. Although it is produced by the not so famous “BLOODY” (In the gaming world however, they are referred to as an innovative gaming mice company), the Bloody ML160 gaming mouse is an outstanding gaming mouse, not only because of the futuristic looks, but

Review: Bloody TL80 Laser Gaming Mouse

With a beautiful look and an ergonomic design, the Bloody TL80 laser gaming mouse is a perfect option for those who have online gaming in their DNA. It has rubber in the right places to help keep it sweat free, meaning you can play  for hours and hours without getting even a single sign of sweat.