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Best FPS Gaming Mouse of 2017

At last year’s CES 2016 tech show in Las Vegas, many fascinating gaming mice were presented by the various gaming peripheral manufacturers. These mice are not on the market yet, but they will be later this year. We have made a list of the best FPS gaming mice 2017. See also the complete list of Best-Selling

Review: Tt eSports Black V2 Gaming Mouse

The Tt eSports Black V2 has a more tried and tested design compared to some other Tt eSports mice. The Tt eSports Black V2 boasts an upgraded Avago laser sensor with omron switches which offers DPI up to 5700, which can be incremented in jumps of 100 meaning there is a lot of customization that

Battlefield 1 DLC “They Shall Not Pass” Details Announced

The first DLC for Battlefield 1- They Shall Not Pass, will be out in march, but what it will have was announced on the official site. 4 new maps, a new army faction, 2 new vehicles, a new class and a new mode away anyone who gets the DLC for 15$. If you are an

Review: Logitech G Pro Gaming Mouse

The Logitech G Pro gaming mouse is designed to be a smaller form fitting ambidextrous mouse. What this means is that the Logitech G Pro is designed to comfortably fit any hand, left or right, but is designed with those who have smaller hands in mind. The Logitech G Pro is suitable for finger grip

Dishonored 2 Update Adds Custom Difficulty and Mission Select

Outside of the expected bug fixes and optimization, the next “Game Update 2” that will be available first on PC as a Steam Beta on January 18 and released in full on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC on January 23. Game Update 2 comes with two major additions: additional Custom Difficulty settings and Mission

Nominees For Independent Games Festival Awards Announced

The IGF Awards will be held on March 1st, during the Game Designers Conference. It will be before the Game Developers Choice Awards. Here is the list of the finalists: Best Student Game Diaries of a Spaceport Janitor (Sundae Month) Lily, Colors of Santa Luz (Lily, Colors of Santa Luz Team) Un Pas Fragile (PAF

Best Budget Gaming Mouse of 2017

It can be very hard to find a cheap gaming mouse under $20 when the budget is low. Most of the time you are pretty sure that the mouse will be dead after few months of use. Therefore, we have made a list of the best budget gaming mice of 2017. This list is guaranteed

“Be The Zombie” Event For Dying Light

On December 23rd, 12 PM PDT to December 26th, 11:30 PM PDT, players of the hit zombie game “Dying Light: The Following” can take part in the second “Be The Zombie” event, known as “Zombiefest #2”. Players can become zombie enemies and invade other player’s games. The twist to this event is that it will

Civ 6 DLCs With Polish and Viking Scenarios

Firaxis, the developer of Civilization 6, have released 2 premium DLC’s and a winter update. One of the scenarios is focused on the Viking faction. Not only a campaign to conquer Europe with the warlords. Harald Hardrada of Norway, King Canute of the Danes, or Olof Skotkonung of Sweden. but also there are new City-States

Review: Bloody A60 gaming mouse

I have found that the Bloody A60 gaming mouse has a spectacular response time and absolutely more than meets the title of fastest response time. With 4000CPI this hard-core gaming mouse will have you speeding across any screen size. This is alongside an infrared scroll wheel which means that not only does the Bloody A60