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Review: Auawak Rapoo V900 Gaming Mouse

Gaming enthusiasts wish to have the latest gadgets in their hands to enjoy gaming to the fullest. Gaming gadgets are available in the market from all price ranges. Most of the people try to purchase gadgets from the midrange category. There are very few good quality gaming mouse present in the market. The Auawak Rapoo V900

FTL Devs Reveal New Game

Subset Games, the makers of the rouge-like strategy RPG FTL: Faster Than Light, announced their upcoming new game called “Into The Breach” This title is a tactics game where the enemy is giant monsters and you control a squad of giant robots, tanks, mobile artillery and other weapons of mass kaiju destruction. And the goal

Wasteland 3’s “Vision Document” Released

After Wasteland 3 reached its crowdfunding goal of $2,750,000 in three days, InXile released an update. On the fig campaign page, the devs released what they call “Vision Document”: A documentation that talks about all of the things that are planned for the next title in the post-apocalyptic RPG. “Dating back to the Interplay days,

EA’s “Play” Event 2017

Last year, rather than having an event during E3, Electronic Arts had their own even called Play. The same will happen this year. The Play event will take place from June 10th to the 12th at the Hollywood Palladium. If you can not attend, like last year, there will be a livestream. While EA’s games

Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2 Will Be Coming to PC

Guilty Gear Xrd will be getting an updated version, called “Rev 2”, and it will be coming to PC (as well as the PS4 and PS3). Rev 2 was announced at the Arc System Works Fighting Game Awards 2016. During the event, a trailer was shown that also revealed that characters Answer (a “business ninja”)

Mass Effect Andromeda New Screenshots And Gameplay

Seeing as how the space RPG “Mass Effect Andromeda” is coming soon, EA had released a few screenshots, showcasing the various space panoramas, as well as what appears to be a few violent scraps and, excitingly, our hero floating in midair (I think he’s actually falling though).   Also Read: Best Selling Gaming Mice December

Black Desert Online Has A Free 7 Day Trial

Last year, the fantasy MMO “Black Desert Online” released a free version of its very detailed character creator, in which players did report losing literally hours making their perfect avatar and now they can import it into the game itself. Starting this year you can play the free for 7 days. Black Desert Online is

Black Sea Games Reborn After Crytek Disbands It

After Crytek closes five of its branches earlier this month, the Sofia, Bulgaria-based branch reformed to its original state: “Black Sea Games”. Now an indie company with Vesselin Handjiev as a management director and the original founder of the studio back in 2001, they are planning for a new IP, but with no info so

CD Project Red Got 7 Million From Polish Government

The developer of the Witcher, CD Projekt RED, got a big piece of Poland’s 116 million PLN fund granted by the NCBR (National Center for Research of Development). Proposals submitted by CD Projekt RED were approved, as well as an additional proposal for focused on the creation of a “generic support cross-platform multiplayer gaming

Ubisoft’s 30th “Special Weekend” Gives Out Free Great Games

On December 15th, Ubisoft announced on its “Ubisoft Club” site the 30th “Special Weekend”. During this time, if you have a Ubisoft account or make one now (it’s free) you can claim 7 Ubisoft games. Both modern and classics. The games are: Prince of Persia: The Sand of Time: The original PoP game that introduced