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CS 1.6 Mod for CS: Global Offensive

Recently on steam’s Greenlight section, Classic Offensive had made its way on. The mod aims to use the assets of Counter- Strike Global Offensive to recreate the ever popular 1.6 version of the game. The creators have said that they don’t want to be VAC Banned and they’re unable to replicate the most mechanical parts

Review: Sumvision Kata Gaming Mouse

The Sumvision Kata gaming mouse was kindly sent to me for review. The body of the Sumvision Kata mouse is black, but running down either side are a colored strip that lights up. As well as the usual left/right and middle buttons there are two additional buttons on the left-hand side of the mouse (used

Beta Version Of Skyrim Script Extender For Skyrim Special Edition Is Coming

In a recent post on their site, the makers of the Skyrim Script Extender announced they are working on a new version of the SKSE for the 64-bit Skyrim Special Edition. They also noted that the release target for the SKSE64 beta is mid-March. Also Read: Review: Microsoft SideWinder Gaming Mouse Here is the video, where

Scareface Themed Packs For Payday 2

The multiplayer heist game Payday 2 got the “Scarface” themed DLC packs. The first is the “Scarface Heist” pack. It includes “The Scarface Mansion” Heist, materials and patterns, 4 masks, 2 new weapons, and 6 Achievements. The heist’s story is that the Butchers weapon smuggling operation has been ambushed by the Sosa cartel. Now the

METRO series will continue after the novels

Recently on the Metro 2035 novel website, it was suggested that “the next Metro video game” was expected at some time in 2017. The publisher Deep Silver added shortly after, that suggests  it will have “ambitious plans” for Metro moving forward, and releasing the next game next year was not among them. During a  Reddit

Over 100 player MMO shooter starts enlisting for the closed beta

The battlefield game happens to be a video game series that got technologically advanced by Dice. This video game has really outdone itself within the gaming industry; as it has been proven so through it managing to win an award. This particular company did put out an announcement to all its esteemed loyal and new

Dota 2’s New 7.0 Update Brings New And Massive Changes

Today Valve will release the newest update for Dota 2, and it will involve massive changes. Here is a short list of things update 7.0 will bring to the game. Map changes: The map has many changes. Not only some creep camps and secret shops are moved, but also it now has 4 spots that

ArcheAge’s new update, crashes North American Servers

ArcheAge, a free to play, sandbox MMORPG, had its new “Revelations” update recently released. And while the European launch was smooth, the North Americans, however, will have to wait to play the new races, zones, abilities, player housing and more for at least a day or two. This updated somehow is causing players on the

Über-Gore tech v2 revealed for Strafe

Pixel Titans, the team behind the retro FPS “Strafe”, an indie crowd funded game and inspired by the original DOOM and Quake series, has released a video, showing off their gore tech they have been working on, called “Über-Gore tech v2”. Since the game does make its selling point that it’s a retro bloody throwback,

Call of Duty Remastered Getting Gifts in a update this Tuesday

For all of you that have Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered, from buying one of the delux or pro versions of Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare, this Tuesday (12.13.2016) you will get an updated that will include a lot of free content. The remake of the 2007 FPS classic will get more multiplayer maps