NieR: Automata PC Release Date Announced

The latest trailer for the action RPG NieR:Automata, called “Arsenal of Elegant Destruction”, not only shows the large variety of weapon types, but also the release dates for the game on PS4 and PC. Also read: Review: Bloody A60 gaming mouse The trailer, it shows the 4 main weapon types: spears, small and large swords and

NIS America Announced 6 Game Coming To The PC

During the recent San Francisco press event, NIS America announced that six of their games will come to the PC via steam. The games are Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana, Cladun Returns: This is Sengoku, Psycho-Pass: Mandatory Happiness, Operation Abyss: New Tokyo Legacy, Operation Babel: New Tokyo Legacy and Tokyo Tattoo Girls. About the games:

Conan Exiles Region Locks Servers

In an attempt to stop a certain kind of griefing in the multiplayer part of the game Conan Exiles, the developers and Funcom have region locked the servers. However, this means that players in Asia, South America, and Russia can’t play the game on the official servers. Community manager Jens Erik stated in a post.

Review: Auawak Rapoo V900 Gaming Mouse

Gaming enthusiasts wish to have the latest gadgets in their hands to enjoy gaming to the fullest. Gaming gadgets are available in the market from all price ranges. Most of the people try to purchase gadgets from the midrange category. There are very few good quality gaming mouse present in the market. The Auawak Rapoo V900

Watch Dogs 2 Updates Ending

Recently an update for Watch Dogs 2 hit. It is around 14GB for PC and it includes things such as new outfits emotes and dances, some new areas and the major change. A little bit more after the ending. The new ending scene takes the form of a recorded phone conversation and comes right after

Tower of Guns Dev Announces Mothergunship

Terrible Posture Games, the mostly one-man studio, that in 2014 he released the FPS rouge-lite: Tower of Guns, announced Mothergunship. It is a bullet hell/FPS hybrid, where you use your massive guns to fight off robotic aliens enemies. “Join the ranks of the resistance against the robotic alien invasion. Destroy hordes of metallic fiends and

Humble Bundle’s “Freedom” Charity Bundle [ENDED]

    [UPDATE 2/21/2017] The bundle offer is over. And it manages to raise approximately  $6.73 million. for the charities that protect justice, human and civil rights. And yes, 100% of these earnings are shared among the three charities: The ACLU, Medecins Sans Frontiers/Doctors Without Borders, and the International Rescue Committee. [UPDATE 2/16/2017] First a

Obsidian Gives “World Of Tanks” Clone To

  The free-to-play tank combat game, Armored Warfare originally developed by Obsidian, will now be handled by the game’s Russian publisher Obsidian CEO Feargus Urquhart and Publishing Director Yuri Maslikov both made statements. Obsidian listed its other projects and responsibilities, while assured that support will continue. However,: according to a moderator of

FTL Devs Reveal New Game

Subset Games, the makers of the rouge-like strategy RPG FTL: Faster Than Light, announced their upcoming new game called “Into The Breach” This title is a tactics game where the enemy is giant monsters and you control a squad of giant robots, tanks, mobile artillery and other weapons of mass kaiju destruction. And the goal

Sniper Elite 4 Launch Date Announced

The 4th game in the Sniper Elite series had a launch trailer released today showing off a set piece and of course the release date for the game, which is February 14th. The story of this game is set in Italy in the year 1943. The plot immediately follows Karl Fairburne siding with Italian resistance